Registering for School

For complete information regarding the registration process, or to register for school and/or busing, please visit the Parkland School Division website

Changes in Registration Information

Please inform the school office of any registration information changes or updates to facilitate quick communication in the event of an emergency. 

Following are some examples of information that should be kept current.

  • Home phone number
  • Parents' work numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical information, etc.

Course Selection at MCHS

Choosing which courses to take is an important decision that will help shape your future. These tips can help you make these important decisions:

  • Be Aware. Some major factors that should influence your decisions are your abilities, interests, values, and goals. Talk with your parents, teachers, counsellors, and others who can help you clarify who you are.
  • Be Realistic. Choose courses and programs that are consistent with previous achievements. Recommended marks for prerequisite courses are carefully set. Choosing courses that are too difficult can lead to discouragement; choosing courses that are too easy may lead to boredom.
  • Know. Understand the diploma requirements, scholarship guidelines, prerequisites, contents, and course difficulty level. Do not choose courses just because your friends are picking them.
  • Plan. Most students complete the Alberta High School Diploma requirements in three years. At MCHS, this is done with a minimum course credit load of:
    • Grade 10 - 40 credits
    • Grade 11 - 35-40 credits
    • Grade 12 - 30-35 credits

Grade 10 Registration

Grade 10 course codes start with the digit "1". The most academic courses (10 and 10-1) are intended for university-bound or college/technical program students. The 10-2 and 10-3 course sequence is designed for students planning to enter college, technical or trade school. The 20-3/24 courses are the minimum academic level that meets the Alberta High School Diploma requirements.


Students in Grade 10 are expected to enrol in courses totalling 40 or more credits. Courses offered are typically 5 credits (taught each day) or 3 credits (taught every other day). We encourage students to complete as many credits as possible in Grade 10 to ensure greater timetable flexibility in the subsequent years.

Academic Achievement Centre (AAC)

When a timetable cannot be filled with an assigned course, Grade 10 students will be assigned an AAC course. No Grade 10 students will have a spare.

The AAC time can be used to study for upcoming exams, homework, complete missed assignments or complete modular course work.

It is designed to develop learning strategies for Grade 10 students and support them in meeting graduation requirements.

Recommended Grade 9 Mark

The selection of Grade 10 courses is based on Grade 9 report card marks and teacher comments. To increase the probability of success, pick a course level recommended by your teacher or by the high school. Remember, plan for all three years of high school, not just one.

Grade 11 Registration

Students can register for Grade 11 courses based on the most recent grade 10 report card marks. If the prerequisite course shows a failing grade, the student is not permitted to register for the next course in the sequence. Grade 11 course codes start with the digit "2".


If 40 or more credits were earned in Grade 10, the student should enrol in at least 35 credits in Grade 11. The intent is that each student should have at least 75 credits by the end of Grade 11.

Grade 11 Program Requirements

  • Select any core Grade 10 courses in which credits were not earned, or transfer to lower level sequences, with grade administrator approval, in order to earn retroactive Grade 10 credits.
  • Choose one of: English 20-1 or English 20-2.
  • Choose one of: Social Studies 20-1, Social Studies 20-2 or Social Studies 20-4.
  • Choose one of: Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Math 20-3 or Math 20-4.
  • Choose at least one of: Science 20, Science 24, Biology 20, Chemistry 20 or Physics 20.
  • Choose CALM.
  • Choose other courses sufficient to bring your credit total to 75.

Grade 12 Registration

Grade 12 students are expected to check diploma requirements carefully and complete an Application for Graduation form available during semester one.

A student who fails a course in a higher-level sequence may, with an appropriate mark, transfer to a lower level sequence. Grade 12 course codes start with the digit "3".

Grade 12 Program Requirements

  • Select any core Grade 11 course in which credits were not earned, or transfer to a lower level sequence in order to earn retroactive Grade 11 credits.
  • Choose one of: English 30-1 or English 30-2.
  • Choose one of: Social Studies 30-1 or Social Studies 30-2.
  • Choose at least 10 credits in Grade 12 level courses other than English 30-1/30-2 or Social 30-1/30-2.
  • Choose other courses sufficient to bring your credit total to at least 100.

Returning Grade 12 Students

As a potential student returning to Grade 12 at Memorial Composite High, you are not guaranteed admission to our main campus. Parkland School Division's Policy 14 states that the majority of students are expected to complete high school within three years of enrolling in Grade 10.

Students less than 20 years of age on September 1 of a school year and wishing to enrol for an additional year or years shall be accommodated in Connections for Learning's Outreach Program.

Notwithstanding, the administrators may enrol a student in an additional year or years if that student has demonstrated good citizenship, and if space/or resources at the school are available.