Explore proper hair maintenance and care, including hair styling, cutting and colouring, as well as professional techniques for manicuring, pedicuring, makeup application and facials - then learn the customer service skills needed to run a successful cosmetology business. Cosmetology is ideal for those interested in pursuing a career in hair care or aesthetics, or even those just wanting to become more knowledgeable and skilled in this field.

Upon graduation from high school, and with the support of an employer, a student may enter into a post-secondary apprenticeship program as a first period apprentice if they complete all three levels of Cosmetology.

All Cosmetology courses are worth at least five credits. Students cannot register for the 30-level course until completing 10 credits at the 20-level. 20- and 30-level Cosmetology courses will only be offered if there is sufficient enrolment.

Course List

The following Cosmetology courses are available at MCHS. Click on the name of the course to read its description.

Cosmetology 10

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 5

The introductory level of Cosmetology gives students the chance to explore both the hairstyling and esthetics components of Cosmetology. They learn basic hairstyling, hair care, roping, knotting and braiding techniques, as well as skin care and manicuring.

Cosmetology 20

Prerequisite: Cosmetology 10
Credits: 5 or 10

Students may have the option of completing modules in a 5 credit (one block) or 10 credit (2 blocks) time period. In this intermediate level of Cosmetology, students continue to develop the skills they learned in Cosmetology 10, and can choose their own courses from the ten credits of hairstyling and ten credits of esthetics being offered. Students can focus on one of the areas, or have a more general experience and take some courses from both areas. 

The hairstyling credits include:

  • Haircutting
  • Colouring
  • Chemical texturizing
  • Advanced styling
  • Hair care

The esthetics credits include:

  • Nail art
  • Facials
  • Manicuring & pedicuring
  • Hair removal
  • Theatrical makeup & body adornment

Note: This course will only be offered as 10 credits if there is sufficient enrolment. Students must complete 10 credits at the 20-level before advancing to the 30-level Cosmetology course.

Cosmetology 30

Prerequisite: 10 credits in Cosmetology 20
Credits: 10

This group of modules is taught in a double block time period. In this advanced level of Cosmetology, students will choose their courses from the available senior hairstyling and esthetics credits. These courses focus on more in-depth techniques and client services to prepare students for a career in a Cosmetology-related field.

The courses that are available at this level include:
  • Gel and acrylic nails
  • Men’s haircutting
  • Body treatments
  • Hair colour removal
  • Advanced esthetics services
  • More in-depth courses that build on basic knowledge from Cosmetology 10 & 20

Note: This course will only be offered if there is sufficient enrolment.