Green & Gold Society

About the Green & Gold Society

The Green & Gold Society raises funds to support athletics at MCHS.

The executive is a friendly group of interested parents who volunteer their time to assist student athletes fund various sports activities during their high school career at MCHS.

The executive meetings are held the first teaching Monday of each month.

We provide players and parents fundraising opportunities to help defray team costs and expenses through local bingos (non-smoking), concessions and casinos. For more information, see Concession and Bingo Schedules.

We pay expenses associated with tournament entry fees, player accommodations for out of town games, uniforms, T-shirts, team pictures for some sports and the annual Green & Gold banquet and awards evening.

Attend the Next Green & Gold Society Meeting

Until further notice, MCHS Green & Gold Society meetings will be held virtually. To attend a virtual meeting:

  1. Visit the Calendar & Events page.
  2. Locate the upcoming Green & Gold Society Meeting event in the calendar, and click on it.
  3. In the window that appears, click on the blue Join with Google Meetbutton (or the blue "Joining Info" link) to join the meeting.

Please Note: Meeting attendees will need to sign in with a Google account to access Google Meet.

All upcoming Green & Gold Society meeting dates can be viewed on the MCHS Calendar & Events page. If you need help with joining the virtual society meeting, please contact for an invite.

Sports & Activities Sponsored by Green & Gold

  • Junior Girls’ Volleyball (3 points)
  • Junior Boys’ Volleyball (3 points)
  • Senior Girls’ Volleyball (3 points)
  • Senior Boys’ Volleyball (3 points)
  • Junior Girls’ Basketball (3 points)
  • Junior Boys’ Basketball (3 points)
  • Senior Girls’ Basketball (3 points)
  • Senior Boys’ Basketball (3 points)
  • Badminton (1 point)
  • Curling (1 point)
  • Rugby (1 point)
  • Soccer (1 point)
  • Swim Team (1 point)
  • Wrestling (1 point)
  • Golf (pay to play)
  • Track (pay to play)

How Points Work 

  • Points are earned by volunteering.
  • Each point is worth $200.
  • Parents must provide cheque(s) at the beginning of each season.
  • If parents opt to be involved in fundraising opportunities - their cheque(s) are non-dated.
  • If parents chose to pay, their cheque(s) are dated.
  • The Green & Gold Society always gives parents fundraising opportunities to work off each and every point thus allowing all students equal opportunity to play sports at MCHS. 

How Funds Are Used

Green & Gold generously donated:

  • $60,000 in 2010/2011 to MCHS to help purchase their 3rd and 4th buses to assist wth team transportation.
  • 4 new sets of basketball uniforms for senior women's and men's teams.
  • New wrestling mats used during the Provincial Wrestling Meet hosted by MCHS.
  • Gift certificates for athletes of the month.

Funds raised by the Green & Gold Society are also used to pay league fees, and to fund the Green & Gold Scholarships - two Grade 12 awards of $1,000 to one female and one male athlete.

2020-2021 Green & Gold Board Members


The president calls meetings and determines the agenda, presides at all meetings, and is responsible for the overall direction of the committee. (Shannon Brushey)


The secretary attends all meetings and prepares minutes. (Nancy Sinclair)


The treasurer maintains all financial records. (Nicole Patras)

Bingo / Volunteer Coordinator

The duties include chairing bingos, attending bingo association meetings, ensuring adequate numbers of workers and maintaining records of credits earned. (Kali Sherritt)

Casino / Grant Applications Coordinator

Duties include chairing a casino every second year and ensuring adequate numbers of workers. Responsible for applying for Government grants available to the Green & Gold Society. (Cathy Saker)

Concession / Fundraising Coordinators

Organizes all concessions, supplies and workers. (Sue Sinclair)

Concession Purchaser

Responsible for purchasing concession supplies. (TBD)

Concession Setup / Shutdown Coordinators

Responsible for setting up and taking down concession. Ensuring volunteers are assigned. Cash out and maintaining cash receipts. (TBD)

Publicity / Special Events Coordinator

Responsible for Green & Gold publicity. (Rochelle Colgan)

Sports Registrar

Collects team members' cheques and maintains team lists. (Leanne Couves)


Responsible for management of the Green & Gold Society's RAMP website. (Darren Badry)

Bingo Chairpersons

Commit to working in the cage at a minimum of four bingos throughout the year, including one during the summer months. (TBD)

Please note: Bingo Chairpersons are not voting executive positions.