Life Academic Work Skills (LAWS)

Life Academic Work Skills (LAWS) provides an alternate non-credited classroom program for students with mild, moderate and severe cognitive delays. LAWS focuses on life skills, where students learn functional academics, daily living skills and vocational skills.

Much of the learning in LAWS occurs through community work placements. LAWS students are also involved in many community activities and outings to further develop their skill, and have access to adaptive technology to gain more independence. Sensory needs can be met through the use of an on-site sensory room.

At the successful completion of their Grade 12 year, LAWS students are encouraged to participate in the school’s graduation exercises, and awarded a Certificate of Completion in a Special Education Program. LAWS alumni may consider entering the workforce or attending a Transitional Vocational Program at a post-secondary institution.

To be eligible for this program, a student's Individual Program Plans and recent psycho-educational testing must identify their need for specialized programming. Placement in this program is through an individual intake with the student, present school, parents, and Memorial staff. The personalized details of the programming will be established at that time.