Fees & Supply Lists


General Fees

2023-2024 MCHS Fee Schedule

Fees charged to PSD parents/guardians include:

  • School
  • Transportation
  • Non-resident

The fees page of the division website explains the fee types, payment options, and criteria for waiving fees.

Graduation Fees

A graduation fee must be paid by all students who intend to graduate at the end of the current school year. This fee covers the cost of graduation ceremony items (cap, tassel, school awarded certificate), the grad photo sitting fee, and souvenir posters of a composite of the graduating class' photos. Please see the Graduation pages for more information.

Viewing Fee Information in PowerSchool

Please note: Individual student fee information is not displayed in the PowerSchool app. If you would like to view this information, please sign in to the PowerSchool website

Supply List

The MCHS Supply List indicates the most common supplies needed for courses in each subject. Additional supplies may be required depending on the specific course and teacher - please refer to the course syllabus and/or ask your child's teacher for more information.


For more information contact:
Memorial Composite High School 
Phone:  780-963-2255 
Email: mchs@psd.ca