For Students

Memorial is home to well over 1,000 students. In spite of that big number, we work hard to ensure that every student feels like they belong here. We have students coming to school each day from the town of Stony Plain itself, Paul First Nation, the Villages of Duffield, Wabamun, Seba Beach, Entwistle and Tomahawk, as well as numerous students from surrounding farms and acreages. Our student body covers a very large area.

We take pride in the word “composite” from our name, Memorial Composite High School. We have numerous courses available including academics, Career and Technology Studies, fine arts, second languages and physical education & wellness. You can check these out on our Programs page. Also, be sure to explore our Student Handbook. Memorial prides itself on being current and providing students with quality learning experiences with current information. We continually update classroom equipment and school technology to allow students authentic experiences. We also partner with PSD’s alternative school, Connections for Learning, to offer blended programming to meet unique student needs and interests.

There are typically over a dozen school clubs in action each year at MCHS, with some being added and dropped depending on student interests. Memorial also has a very strong Athletics program fielding teams for over a dozen sports. There really is an opportunity for all students to find their place at Memorial.

Being current, recently, has meant that as a school we need to take on issues of equity and inclusivity mirroring what we are seeing in our society. Belonging at Memorial has become intentional with the Let’s Act Now student group, leading the way to define what this means for Memorial. In February of 2022, Memorial unveiled our MCHS Belonging Statement:

MCHS Belonging Statement

At Memorial, each of us contributes to inclusion in our own individual ways. We recognize that we are still learning and continuing to grow. By examining ourselves and our biases, we can start conversations and strive to be better. We are willing to challenge our ways of thinking and open ourselves to different ideas.

Our staff, students, and school community are committed to being respectful and listening to the concerns of others. This includes being kind, helping each other and reaching out when needed. To be an equitable school means we must support each person in a way that best suits their unique needs. Together we will continue to create a safe, caring, and inclusive school community.

Creating a culture of equity continues to be important work and is not easy; however, MCHS is resilient and committed to growing and rising to the challenge. Together we will ensure the Torch is Held High.

“The Torch Held High” is our school motto, which was taken from the poem In Flanders Fields. The original campus of Memorial was opened in 1949, and at that time the Town of Stony Plain chose the name Memorial to honour the fallen soldiers from World War II. Thousands of students have graced Memorial’s halls and taken up the challenge to hold the torch high and do their part to make the world a better place, following in the footsteps of soldiers from Stony Plain and around the world. We invite you to join us to do the same and be part of this proud heritage.

We look forward to welcoming new students to join us in holding the torch high!