General Psychology

General Psychology 20

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 6

This course consists of Personal Psychology 20 (3 credits) and Experimental Psychology 30 (3 credits). 

Psychology is designed to help students develop skills and insight that make it possible for more effective living in our complex environment.  As students progress through the course, they will discover new ways of looking at and interpreting their own behavior, gain a better understanding and knowledge of how psychologists study human and animal behavior, and develop practical applications for enriching one’s own life. Students will cover a number of areas pertaining to psychology including basic history, approaches to psychology, connections to the brain and body, cognitive processes, human development, personality assessment, and psychological disorders. This crosses over into Experimental Psychology 30 where we will connect the information learned in Personal Psychology 20 with the ethics of experimentation in psychology.

In Experimental Psychology, students will be expected to come up with their own experiment based on their interests. They will learn to collect data and analyze it. This will be the final project of the course.