School Clubs

Monday - Friday Extracurricular School Club Schedule

MCHS has a bunch of school clubs. No matter your interests, you're sure to find a fun activity in which you can take part.


  • QSA (Counsellors, Mr. Chiles, Ms. Hertz-Kleptow, Ms. Williams, Ms. Jensen, Mrs. Onysko, Mr. Billey, Ms. Kaye, Ms. Careless) - Rm. 1107 @ Lunch
  • Watch Ropert and Dewar Play Video Games Club (Mr. Ropert, Mr. Dewar) - Rm. 1053 @ Lunch


  • Artisan Hour (Miss Careless) - Rm. 1061 @ Lunch
  • POC Talks (Mrs. Guthrie, Ms. Cox, Mrs. Onysko) - Rm. 1112 @ Lunch


  • Board Game Club (Mrs. Kissel, Mr. Ropert, Mrs. Ropert, Mrs. Moisan, Mr. Dewar) - Rm. 1111 @ Lunch
  • Business Case Competitions (Mr. Stuckey, Mr. Riar) – Room 1068 @ Lunch
  • Memorial Lifts (Mr. Chiles) - Rm. 1056 (weight room) from 3:30-5:30pm
  • Rotary Interact (Mrs. Thomas, Miss McGonigal, Mrs. Skow) - Rm. 1042 @ Lunch


  • Anime Club (Miss Oshiki, Ms. Kaye) - Rm. 1065 @ Lunch (also have once a month movie night on a Friday)
  • Music Club (Mr. Billey) – Music Room @ Lunch
  • More Than A Book Club (Mrs. Bezushko) - Library @ Lunch
  • Robotics Team (Ms. Langlois) - Rm. 1109 from 3:30-4:30pm
  • Thursday Throwback Throwdown (video games) (Mr Dewar, Mr. Ropert) Common area @ Lunch


  • Environmental Club (Mrs. O'Grady, Mr. Bernier) - Rm. 1049 @ Lunch

Other Clubs

Meet Multiple Times Per Week

  • Fishing Club (Mrs. Ropert) - Monday through Friday in Room 1063 @ Lunch
  • Improv Club (Mr. Tokarsky) - Monday through Friday in Drama Room @ Lunch

Meeting Time or Place TBD

  • Peer Tutoring Group (Mrs. Ropert)
  • Unified Club (Mrs. Currie, Ms. Mazereeuw) - Once a month - see Mrs. Currie or Ms. Mazereeuw

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