All high school students must earn three credits in Career and Life Management 20 to attain an Alberta High School Diploma.

Career and Life Management 20

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Career and Life Management is an exciting course to prepare you, a high school student, for the real world. This course covers material related to three main areas that will better prepare you for life after high school: 

  • Career Choices: Students will explore potential career choices, hear from several post-secondary schools and travel on field trips to the University of Alberta, NAIT, or MacEwan University. Students will also learn how to write a proper resume and conduct a successful job interview.
  • Resource Choices: Students will learn to understand financial management and how it is related to everyday adult experiences, e.g. budgeting, credit, taxes, and investments.
  • Personal Choices: Students will explore individual choices when it comes to living a balanced, healthy life and how the decisions they make affect them on a personal level. Students will hear presentations on a variety of topics that include mental health,  physical health and nutrition, healthy relationships, domestic violence, human sexuality (anatomy, contraceptives, and STI’s), and sexual assault.