Computer Numerical Control Design

This course will allow students the opportunity to learn the art of practical design using CAD and CNC software and machinery to design and build functional 2-D and 3-D projects using multiple forms of media including, but not limited to, steel, wood, plastics, paper products and more!  MCHS has acquired state of the art machinery including:

  •         Four 3D printers
  •         High end Laguna CNC router for engraving and cutting wood
  •         100 watt Co2 laser capable of engraving and cutting acrylic, leather, wood, coated metal products and more
  •         Plasmacam CNC plasma cutter capable of cutting any shape out of steel imaginable!
  •         Access to all common pneumatic, battery powered and electrical tools
  •         Individual computers for students to complete their designs.  

This course will primarily focus on designing and building projects with an emphasis on safety, effective design concepts, efficient building techniques and material selection.  

This program will require students to use computer software to aid in the design and control of the machinery to produce the parts for their projects.  This course will be very much a “hands-on” learning experience that will enable students to produce various projects that will be taken home.  Students who like to work with their hands and be creative at the same time will really enjoy this course.  This course prepares students for the realities of “real world” work site experiences as most industrial, manufacturing, trades and engineering sectors have adopted CNC technology.

CNC Design 10 Credits = 5, Prerequisites = None

Course Modules include:

  • DES1010 - Sketch
  • DES1020 - The Design Process
  • DES1030 - 2-D Design 1
  • DES1040 - 3-D Design 1
  • DES1050 - CAD 1
  • DES1910 - DES Project A

CNC Design 20 Credits = 5, Prerequisites = Computer Numerical Control Design 10

Course Modules include:

  • DES1040 - 3-D Design 1
  • DES2035 - 2-D Design 2
  • DES2045 - 3-D Design 2
  • DES2055 - CAD 2
  • DES2910 - DES Project B
  • DES2920 - DES Project C

CNC Design 30 Credits = 5, Prerequisites = Computer Numerical Control Design 20

Course Modules include: (TBD in 24/25)