Programs at Connections for Learning

Connections For Learning (CFL) is an alternative education site for Parkland School Division that hosts a variety of programs to support parental choice and student learning needs. Depending on their interests, career aspirations and/or learning styles, MCHS students may find the programming available at CFL to be a perfect fit.

Programs at Connections For Learning are designed to meet each student’s unique learning needs. As such, registration requirements can differ for each program. To register for a program of choice at CFL, please follow the steps outlined on their registration page, and refer to each program's page for more information. 

The following programs are currently open to high school students at Connections for Learning.

Building Futures

Building Futures is an immersive and unique one-year program for Grade 10 students. While covering Alberta Education curricula and earning credit towards graduation, students learn construction techniques from qualified tradespeople, and work together with them and their classmates to build a house.

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Outreach provides flexible, innovative programming to help students realize success in their career and educational goals. Students, parents/guardians, teachers and administration collaborate closely together to create a personalized program plan designed specifically to meet the academic, social/emotional, health and wellness learning needs of each individual student.

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Parkland Student Athlete Academy

The Parkland Student Athlete Academy (PSAA) is a program of choice for Grades 6-12 that provides high performance student athletes with technical, theoretical and experiential opportunities, while keeping them engaged in a rich and complete school community focused on academic achievement.

PSAA is a collaboration between Parkland School Division and a number of community partners who offer high quality athletic development in their given sport. This program fosters a long-term approach to high performance athletic development, centered around the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive improvement of the student athletes. 

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Summer School

Take an accredited high school course following a condensed schedule over the first few weeks of summer vacation. Summer School is not only a convenient way to upgrade your marks - it’s also a great opportunity to get a head start on the new school year, freeing up your future schedule for courses you didn’t think you’d have time to take.

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Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning is a full-time teacher-directed online delivery program for Grade 1-12 education that allows students to work from home for the entire school year via virtual learning tools and remote access to content.

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The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is an alternative high school program of choice that offers a student-led learning environment where core curriculum is combined with out-of-classroom learning opportunities. Students will take charge of their learning by creating custom projects and opportunities with teachers and community members, which will have real-world outcomes and impact in their communities.

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More Information  

Please refer to the Connections for Learning program pages for complete information about each of the above programs. You are welcome to contact CFL before beginning the registration process should you have any further questions.

For more information contact: 
Connections For Learning
4300-43 Street
Stony Plain, Alberta T7Z 1J4
Phone: 780-963-0507 
Fax: 780-968-1088