Construction Technology

Construction Technology introduces students to carpentry, cabinetmaking and furniture making. Students begin at a basic level of competence, and improve their techniques over the course of the program. They develop knowledge and skills related to the building and manufacturing trades that will help them expand their general woodworking abilities and/or continue in an apprenticeship program.

Although this is a hands-on course, in order to receive credit, students will be responsible for completing all relevant theory material before progressing to the lab. Some projects will fulfill multiple credit requirements. Students are responsible for providing their own materials if they opt to complete larger projects outside the scope of those planned for the course.

All Construction Technology courses are worth at least five credits. 

Course List

The following Construction Technology courses are available at MCHS. Click on the name of the course to read its description.

Construction Technology 10

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 5

In this introductory level course, students will learn safety, tool use and processes at the basic level for carpentry and cabinetmaking as they build various projects.

Course modules are as follows:

  • CON1010 Basic Tools & Materials
  • CON1070 Building Construction
  • CON1120 Project Management
  • CON1130 Solid Stock Construction
  • CON1140 Turning Operations
  • CON1160 Manufactured Materials

Construction Technology 20

Prerequisite: Construction Technology 10
Credits: 5

Students will learn building techniques at the intermediate level as they take more control over stationary and power tools in the shop setting. Projects become more complicated as students work more independently on cabinetmaking, and in groups building custom garden sheds.

Course modules include:

  • CON2035 Floor Framing Systems
  • CON2045 Wall Framing Systems
  • CON2050 Roofing Systems
  • CON2060 Doors, Windows and Siding
  • CON2130 Furniture Making: Box Construction
  • CON2150 Finishing and Refinishing
  • CON2160 Cabinetmaking: Web and Face Frame
  • CON2170 Cabinetmaking: Drawer and Door
  • CON2200 Project Development

Construction Technology 30

Prerequisite: Construction Technology 20
Credits: 5

Students will learn advanced techniques and primarily work independently on individual cabinetmaking and furniture making projects. Carpentry skills will be incorporated into projects as suitable.

Course modules include:

  • CON3030 Wall and Ceiling Finishing
  • CON3050 Roof Structures II
  • CON3060 Doors and Trim
  • CON3070 Floor Finishing
  • CON3120 Tool Maintenance
  • CON3130 Furniture Making: Leg and Rail
  • CON3160 Cabinetmaking 3: Cabinets and Countertops
  • CON3170 Cabinetmaking 4: Layout and Installation
  • CON3190 Production Planning