Memorial boasts an award-winning, vibrant and varied Drama program. Through engaging hands-on experiences, Drama students will increase their physical and vocal confidence, as well as learn basic performance skills and acting techniques. Students also develop a deep sense of community within our “theatrical family”. Come join the fun of Memorial Drama!

Course List

The following Drama courses are available at MCHS. Click on the name of the course to read its description.

Drama 10

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 5

Drama 10 is an exciting, practical and dynamic course which introduces students to dramatic creation. Through games and activities, the students will develop a level of comfort and competence in the theatre arts. No previous experience is required for this course. Students will be exposed to many theatrical skills such as scene study, stage fighting, and improvisation. Students can step up and let their voice be heard!

Within Drama 10, on an individualized basis, students may earn additional credits by taking part in:

  • Improv Troupe - This is a fun filled, high energy group that focuses on performance.  Improv Troupe is offered at lunch time for those individuals interested in representing Memorial at improv tournaments such as the Canada Improv Games and the Northern Alberta Improv League. Interested students need to contact the drama teacher in early September to enrol.
  • Tech Team - Students who are interested in the technical aspect of the theatre (i.e. lighting, sound, set construction and stage management) may wish to join the Memorial Tech Team and earn credits in Technical Theatre 15-25-35. Contact the drama teacher for further information.

Drama 20

Prerequisite: Drama 10
Credits: 5

Drama 20 introduces students to a deeper level of commitment in their personal artistic development.

Students will engage in several practical forms of theatre studies, including:

  • Voice
  • Improvisation
  • Critical play analysis
  • Stage fighting
  • Shakespearean scene study

Drama 30

Prerequisite: Drama 20
Credits: 5

Drama 30 uses and builds upon all of the skills and techniques acquired in Drama 10 and 20. Students will develop their acting and directorial skills through monologue and scene study work, culminating in their participation in a major production.

Students will have the opportunity to take on a variety of roles, including:

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Stage manager
  • Technician
  • Designer
  • Dramaturge

Advanced Acting & Touring 15-25-35 (Drama Production)

Prerequisite: Audition
Credits: 5 (per course level)

Students involved in this course will be part of the ensemble responsible for putting on our main stage production. Students will work with members of the professional theatrical community to create a truly unique and exciting performance experience. The troupe will also create and present other productions for the community outside the school environment.

This full-year course will run outside of normal school hours. Auditions are held in June and early September, and credit is given as Advanced Acting and Touring 15, 25 or 35.